Last Light Falling - Behind The Saga



Last Light Falling was originally planned to be a comic book series, but it was quickly shelved when I realized how much I had written about the back-story of the characters. It only seemed natural to try and write it into a novel. I honestly had no idea that I would be creating a four book saga.

Instead of driving too heavily on the big story, I've tried focusing more on the main character, hoping that the layers of the plot will gradually unfold until the last book. This is very much a character driven story and focuses on the raw emotions this young girl has had to endure, but it also uncovers the layers of common struggles we see in our lives today. Whether or not it's aimed to prod into controversy or provoke questions rather than answers, this saga has led me to shed more light on my own convictions.

This first person narrative is told through the eyes of fifteen year old Arena Power, who has been struggling to let go of the tragic loss of her parents when she was nine. Though it often haunts her, she manages to keep a small emotional distance from the jaded past and tries to embrace the comforts of her foster family when she can.

Though it's not easy living in a period of history we cannot fathom today, Arena, like many others left on earth didn't ask to be born into a world where tragedy has become a common reality. Her destiny lies beyond the last days.

So, if you're looking for zombies to take over the world in this apocalyptic saga, then don't read my novels, because you won't find it, except for maybe a cultural reference from time to time. Don't get me wrong, I love zombies, just not in my books.

I tried hard to go against the grain when writing this story hoping to extinguish every apocalyptic cliché and typical publishing writing structure and or standard that's expected. Writing is an art, not a template for cookie-cutter stories and characters that grace the shelves today. The main characters are actually based on my own children, names and personalities. My daughter is much like Arena, it makes me feel sorry for any guy that dates her. If you truly want to get inside my head, then you must read this story because much of it is based on my personal experiences. I won't tell you what is real or what is embellished, and you really don't want to know. About ninety percent of the secondary characters are based on real people I have either met personally or met through my grandfather's world war two stories. They definitely made it easier for my story to develop without combing through my mind's character database, an all too often crutch of the writer's struggle.


Book Content

Though mandated ratings should have no place in the world of literature, I feel an honorable duty to inform my reading audience of the content within the book's pages.

Genre: Fiction / Dystopian-Science Fiction, Suspense Thriller, Adventure, Post-Apocalyptic

Peppered throughout with some strong language, sometimes crass and crude humor, and a generous amount of gratuitous violence, this book contains mature content that may not be suitable for a younger audience.


Descendants of Irish vigilantes, Fifteen year old Arena and Gabriel Power have been chosen to carry on a small legacy through their bloodlines to which they have been hidden from. But if they are to survive in a world brewing with tragedy and relentless war, they must accept their fate and continue a covenant that was started by their grandfather, Connor McManus—one of the original Boondock Saints

Born to Abigail and William Power, Arena and Gabriel have struggled to understand the tragic death of their parents, but they have soon learned to share each other's comforts when life becomes less than desirable. When they are thrust into a world of tribulation, they will have to depend on that bond to keep their hopes alive.