What Is Love?

Posted by texmexexpress on April 5, 2014 at 12:40 PM

Psychologists, authors, Greek poets, even scientists and the like have tried to define what love is for centuries, but none have truly met a defining answer. There are really no words to describe the true affection between two people who were meant to be made as one. Maybe that's because most of us have inherently rejected the idea of becoming one union as God had intended.

It's a beautifully created moment, an experience that must age like a fine wine, a time to mature and evolve so that every expression can be felt in order to understand its true growth. Love is patient. It cannot be measured, and it cannot be tamed. It has no boundaries, nor limits for which it is given. It was, is, and will forever be the only thing that will hold you together, and bind you with your creator.

Love is more than just an emotion or feeling, which constantly changes. Real love comes from selflessness that has been gifted through Grace, and without it, it's pure emptiness.

So close your eyes for a moment, and imagine a world without love. Imagine you're all alone, and closed off from everything that makes your only treasured and gifted desire glow with splendor. Your heart becomes void, feelings grow numb, and every sensational detail, experience, or thought no longer exist. Instead they suffer inside, waiting to be released. The world around you becomes null and ordinary. Relationships become mechanical, conditional, and uneventful. And everything you thought existed around you because of who you are has completely vanished. You’ve become a blank emotional canvas.

We treat love as if were no more than just a basic need you cannot see—you cannot touch it, smell it, nor taste it, yet it is an essential part of the human spirit that cannot live or die without it. Love is the true meaning behind our very existence, and without it, we are just a pointless speck of dust stripped of purpose.

I could never imagine living in such a world. I am who I am because someone first loved me, and I would choose death before I could live a second without it.

So to simply ask, what is love? Stop, take some time to reflect, and appreciate the true intention behind our creator, because if you have to ask, then you will never know.


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