"We Must Fall Before We Can Rise"

At The Devil's Door

Israel's freedom has become a cancer to Russia's global regime, causing more turmoil than ever before. Though most of Jerusalem has been left abandoned, the Old City hangs on under the control of the IDF, but for how long remains uncertain. The Russian tyrant, Gorshkov, grows hell bent on absorbing the Jewish state or worse—eradicate it.

While Arena and her loved ones stay hidden in the belly of the Mount Of Olives stronghold, it becomes evident that their fear of an invasion grows closer, putting everyone's lives in jeopardy. Arena convinces the Israeli general council to cross a barren wasteland and staunch an enemy task force from breaching entry into the ghost town of Tel Aviv—a secluded gateway inside southern Israel. But the dangerous journey gives Arena more than she bargained for.

With Russia's ever growing army reaching overwhelming odds against Israeli forces, a risky decision must be made to surrender or fight. The northern skirts of the Israeli boarder becomes a pivotal point in a war that seems inevitable. When the truth behind Arena's purpose is finally discovered, she must face her destiny in a perilous effort to destroy a Russian conquest, but at what cost?

Legion takes the fear in man to treacherous heights and forces his do or die decision beyond the realm of this world. In this fourth and final installment of the Last Light Falling saga, J.E. Plemons creates an ominous wave of deceit, dread, and sacrifice. While Arena finds her fate looming against sinister forces, she will have to face a consequential decision that changes everything.

Creepy Horror Drone
Rafael Krux/Orchestralis (AudioJungle)