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Writing Resources

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Author Essentials

Query Tracker

Search for literary agents & publishers throughout extensive database search tools.

First Editing

Professional Editing Services.


Kirkus serves the book and literary trade sector, including libraries, publishers, literary agents, film and TV producers and booksellers.

Resources for Writers

Money-Saving Guide for Authors and Writers

Resources for writers who are looking to improves their craft and save money on career expenses. Thank you, Hannah for this amazing link to a surplus of information on becoming a successful writer. You are greatly appreciated for your invaluable contribution.

A Resource Guide to Writing Basics

No matter why we write, it's important for everyone to be able to write in a clear and understandable way. Anyone can improve this skill with a bit of practice with these great writing basics. Thank you LouAnne Taylor and your Children's Writing Workshop for suggesting this wonderful resource.

Writing Careers: The Business Behind Becoming an Author

Want to be a published author someday? Here's a must read for building the foundation. Thank you, Amelia, for sharing the essential base of knowledge every writer must know. Your contribution is invaluable.

Author Media

Building professional author websites

Writers Digest

Tips, Secrets, Resources, Workshops, and everything else that makes us better writers.

Rachelle Gardner

Rachelle Gardner is an agent helping authors bring worthwhile books to publication.

Online tools, strategies, and editing software for writers

Here is a great collection of tech-based resources for writers to help them publish their work, check their spelling and grammar, organize brainstorming ideas, arrange/edit/format their manuscripts and lots more. Thanks to Mrs. Coleman for her invaluable contribution to the readers and writers of the world, and a special thanks to Margaret for sharing this brilliant online resource of writing tech tools.

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Advanced Fiction Writing

How to write, and market excellent fiction novels.

Writers Beware

Helping writers avoid scams, pitfalls, and the general fallacies of the book publishing industry.

Agent Query

Database of literary agents, networking, and resources.

Ultimate Fiction Writing Guide

A Comprehensive Guide for Writers – and Aspiring Writers – of Fiction

The Chicago Manual of Style

If you're a professional, publishing your work, you'd use the Chicago Manual of Style. While lots of organizations use different style guides, the Chicago Manual of Style is the standard for book publishing in fiction and non-fiction, and is often used in the arts and humanities for academic papers.

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